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Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

One of the joys of writing is the creative pleasure it brings. I also enjoy other creative pursuits and from time to time, will probably ramble on a bit on here about what’s going on in the world of Mandy Wilde, what I’ve been reading and other things.

Writing, like reading, is a wonderful way of escaping. The next Mandy Wilde is another story with a mystery at its heart. It’s not finished yet as I’m still working on who is responsible for what. I start with an idea and know how it will end. I even have a plan but sometimes things take me down a different route.

I read mainly crime, thriller and mystery novels interspersed with other more literary works. For my birthday I had Hostage by Clare MacIntosh, Exit by Belinda Bauer and Islands of Mercy by Rose Tremain to add to the TBR pile. All that is required is a couple of weeks away somewhere pleasant where everything else is catered for so all the time can be devoted to getting lost in a book.

During the summer of lockdown, I renewed my acquaintance with growing things. There is something quite pleasurable about the physical effort required for gardening and it helps with working out plots. Writing begins in the head after all. We had a raised flower bed to avoid the back-breaking work of leaning over flower beds and I grew carrots, peas, shallots, beans, lettuce (mainly for Speedy) and beetroot. I also planted ten bags of potatoes. Delicious. Irish roots!

When there is time I like to sew and sketch. I used to make clothes for myself and had a short period as a dressmaker, following my mother’s footsteps. She was marvellous at all things creative including knitting, crotchet and embroidery. I haven’t the patience for those crafts but make cushion covers and do some button-work from time to time and used to go to classes in creative glass and silversmithing.

Buttons sewn by hand onto felt in the shape of a heart
Buttons sewn onto felt
Honey bee on blue glass
Honey Bee on blue glass
Bride & Groom made in warm glass
Bride & Groom made in warm glass

A love of learning is something deep within and going to different places, travelling and photography is one of the things I hope to be able to pursue next year – Covid permitting. Expect photographs of trees, flowers, interesting doors and other odd bits and pieces.