Jacqueline Harrett

Book Club Questions

The Nesting Place

If you and your book club members have read and enjoyed The Nesting Place you probably have a number of questions and discussion points already in mind.

Below you will find some broad areas for discussion with character being at the heart of many of them. It is my firm belief that characters make the story and I hope you have been able to empathise with DI Miranda Wilde, Mandy, in her journey through The Nesting Place. She has more adventures to come so keep in contact for news about the next in the series.

  1. Megan Pritchard is the victim of a crime. Do you think she is the only victim in this story?
  2. One of the themes in The Nesting Place is friendship. How is friendship portrayed between the different women?
  3. What do you think about DI Miranda Wilde? Would you want her on your side?
  4. Mandy’s personal circumstances are unusual. Do you think she is a capable guardian for Tabitha?
  5. Some aspects of mental health are referred to in the novel. Anxiety, depression, bulimia and psychosis. Do you think these are dealt with sympathetically?
  6. Which character do you relate to the most and why?
  7. Do you think anyone, if put under enough pressure, could resort to murder?
  8. Tabitha and Kelly have a strong friendship based on mutual support and trust. Is there anything that might sour that relationship?
  9. What clues were there to lead you to discovering who the perpetrator was likely to be? Did your thoughts change as you read through the story?
  10. The police and the press seem to have an uneasy relationship. Why do you think that is the case?
  11. In The Nesting Place the action takes place in and around Cardiff and south Wales. How does the location matter to the story? Do you think place is important?
  12. Do you think Mandy's actions are always justified in her need to find the truth?