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Locations in The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place

The locations in The Nesting Place are all within an hour’s drive from Cardiff.

Below are links to these places and some basic information for anyone unfamiliar with the area. What should be kept in mind when reading The Nesting Place is that although the areas are real, the people and houses are fictional.

Sheep in a field in the Vale of Glamorgan
The Vale of Glamorgan

Known locally as The Vale this covers a wide area which is mainly rural with agriculture the main focus. It can be regarded as quite a prestigious place to live as there are many large houses in the Vale.

It varies from Penarth, with its pier and Victorian grandeur, to places like Barry, known for the amusement park and made famous by Gavin and Stacey, television sitcom.

Cardiff airport is based in the Vale of Glamorgan and there are many attractions for visitors including country parks, castles and attractive walks along the coast as well as inland.

You will not find Nythfa, the architect designed house in the story, as it was a complete work of imagination, although I have since discovered that there is a holiday home of that name – a beautiful holiday cottage in Llantwit Major near the beach.


Chepstow Castle under a cloudy sky. Photo by silentsal0 on Pixabay

Almost on the border with England, Chepstow is very close to the first Severn Bridge and you can walk across that bridge and view the murky waters below.

A small and quite attractive town, with several pubs and independent shops, Chepstow is built on a hill rising up from the castle at the bottom. It is built on the river Wye, famous for fishing, and a good base for exploring the Wye Valley.

Bulwark, the area mentioned in The Nesting Place is an estate on the right just before a steep curve in the road leading down the hill to the town. It is mainly residential with a mixture of housing including ex local authority properties.


Location of Pontypridd on a map

Once a mining town, Pontypridd is now a university town with students from the nearby University of South Wales mixing with the residents. The university sprang from the Miner’s Institute an educational and cultural focus for the society which built up around the mines.

Known simply as Ponty to many people in the area it was once a bustling town bursting at the seams on market days. When the mining dwindled there was factory work available in Treforest but this has also all but disappeared in recent years.


Cardiff Bay at sunset. Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.
The capital city of Wales, Cardiff is a series of areas, some of which were once villages in their own right but have been swallowed by the expanding borders of the city itself. In The Nesting Place several of these suburbs are mentioned. Cathays, known as student land, where Mandy lives with Tabitha. Cardiff Bay which was once the less salubrious Tiger Bay and the docks where Megan and Bethan’s boyfriend live. Llandaff where you will find the Anglican cathedral and Megan’s parents. Lisvane, a prestigious suburb where Sophie and her mother reside. Pontprennau a residential area north east of the city which was built in the late twentieth century and ever expanding and the area where Aisha has a house. Visitors to Cardiff are more likely to be familiar with the centre and the police station is close to the law courts, the museum and City Hall. The museum is a treasure trove and worth a visit. The Victorian arcades and market are shopping treasures and coffee shops.